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Hide and unhide products



To keep your Learning Locker uncluttered you have the option to Hide and Unhide products.


1) Click on the “test detail” button at the top of the product icon you wish to hide.






2) At the bottom of the “test detail” box there is a Hide Test checkbox. By checking it you may temporarily hide your product in your Learning Locker.





Users tend to hide products which are expired or not currently in use.


3) To show hidden products select the “filters” button on the Learning Locker toolbar, as shown in the image below:








4) At the bottom of the Type column there is a “Show hidden” option. If you click the checkbox you will see all of your hidden products.






5) Note that this action does not unhide a test, but only shows both types of tests: the hidden and unhidden ones. If you want to deactivate the “hide test” check box you must change the option in “test detail” box and deactivate it.


6) Sometimes users can´t find their tests because they are hidden. Please show your hidden tests before doing an advanced search or reporting that a test has disappeared from your Locker.



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