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How to upload a score report from a download (offline) test


Now you can upload the results of your download (offline) test to your Learning Locker. This feature allows you to enjoy the full functionality of the History section of your online Learning Locker. By uploading your results to your Learning Locker you can track your overall progress, view a graph of your evolution, and email or print the reports. For more information about score reports please see the article Download (offline) test score report.


Here are a few things you should know about this feature:


1) This is a new feature developed on April 15, 2015, so older products must be updated. If you try to upload results to an older product, your will receive an error. Please see the article How to apply updates to a download (offline) practice test for detailed information. If you have a product installed after April 15, 2015, you do not need to update it.


2) You cannot upload results from another user to your Learning Locker.


3) You cannot upload results from a paused test.


4) Each download test contains its own results folder, so for each test you must upload your results separately.



To upload results, please follow these steps:


1) For the first upload only you must download your product again, if it was installed before April 15, 2015, as shown in the article How to apply updates to a download (offline) practice test.


2) To upload your first result you must launch and finish a test. Once you have finished your test the Test Score Report will open. You can exit by clicking the “Exit” button.





3) Enter your Learning Locker. Please see the article How to login for detailed information.


4) Click on the “Upload Results” button on the main toolbar.





5) Click the “Explore files” field





6) All score reports are saved to the folder where your test is located on your computer. To upload the reports go to this folder, click on the “results” folder, and select the *.json file.






7) Once the file has been selected it show in your Learning Locker. Click the “Upload” button.






8) The Upload Info window will open and show the number of results that have been inserted and the number not inserted. The information in this box can be explained as follows:


Results inserted: The number of reports successfully added to the online history.
* Results not inserted (Already inserted): The number of reports that have been added previously. The report file contains your entire history, so any score reports you have already loaded will not be duplicated.
* Results not inserted (Test paused or corrupt): If your test has been paused then the result that is currently paused will not be loaded. The rest of the results that have not yet been added to your history will upload with no problem.

If you try to upload a *.json file from a paused test, no test score report will be upload because no test score report has been created yet. However, this only happens with the test paused; the rest of the score reports you have not been updated yet will be updated.


Click on “OK” to exit.




9) Now you will be able to see your uploaded score reports in the History section of your Learning Locker. If you have more than one product you can use the search bar to find the one you're looking for.You can open the Test Score Report by clicking on “Open Score Report” button. Please see the article New UI: History for detailed information.


Your uploaded reports will now be included in the graph of your overall evolution. You can see this in the “Me/Overview” section of your Learning Locker.







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