Using the New Identity Manager


The Identity Manager allows you to change your password, name, email address, contact details and configure your Learning Locker settings. These changes used to be done in the ME section of the Learning Locker, but now you can do it through the Identity Manager.


Access the Identity Manager


You can access the Identity Manager by clicking the icon imaccess.pngin your Learning Locker, and then clicking the User Account icon.








You can hide the menu by clicking thehidebar.pngicon.

You can navigate through the apps by clicking the apps2.png icon.





Most users will only see the areas My Account and Delivery Platform. In My Account, you will see information about yourself. However, in the Delivery Platform you will find your Learning Locker and the tests that you have registered. Advanced users will see the Partner Portal and/or the Authoring Tool.

You can access your account or logout by clicking the user icon.





You can navigate through four different tabs to configure items related to your account, profile and delivery platform.

Below, you can see the information included in each tab.






Here, you can edit your username, change your password, email, address, name, surname, and even select your favorite language.


Contact Info


contact details.png

In this tab, you can add or modify your address and phone number, or add a secondary address or phone number. Once you have entered the information, click Save changes. You can delete any previously saved information by clicking Delete.


Delivery Platform




Here, you can edit the following:

Show Wizard: you can choose to always show or not show the tour when logging in.

Full screen test: turn this setting if you want to activate the full screen when you launch the practice tests.

Launch test settings: you can choose to open the test in a new tab or in a new window.

Email custom assessment results: you can choose if you want to send a message with your results to your email address once you complete a custom assessment.

Newsletter: this option allows you to subscribe to the MeasureUp’s newsletter.





Accessibility allows people with disabilities or impairments to customize their MeasureUp access and to make the most of their study. The following features can be enabled:

Color blindness setting: this setting adapts the user interface to color-blind mode, improving the use and identification of the elements for these users.

Font size: it allows the user to enlarge or reduce the font size displayed in their practice tests.


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