User Interface (UI) Overview

The user interface of your Learning Locker will make your study experience better and your account easier to manage. In your Learning Locker you can view all of your MeasureUp products, edit your account, and upgrade or extend products. This look and feel makes it easier to access practice tests, review history and scores, and monitor your overall progress.  Also, you can create your own customized assessments to quiz yourself on specific areas and topics for your certification preparation.



Let´s take a look at the UI.


At the top of the page there are three options: “Tests” and “Me” And “Store” (MeasureUp store, please note that this option is not available for PLS users). By clicking on “Tests” you will see a toolbar with the following options:




1) Practice tests: here you will find the “search toolbar” and all your products. You may search your products by using the “search toolbar” or the “filters” button on the right. Please, see the article “UI: How to search productsfor further information about searching. By using the two icons on the right you can choose to view your products as a list or as icons.



2) Upload results: you can upload the results of your download (offline) test to your Learning Locker. This feature allows you to enjoy the full functionality of the History section of your online Learning Locker. Please, see the article How to upload a score report from a download test for detailed information.




3) History: you can manage your Score Reports here. Please see the article UI: History for further information.




4) Register Key: to register a product click on “Register Key.” Please see the article Registering a MeasureUp product key for further information.




5) Create Custom Assessment: by clicking here you can create your own customized tests. Please see the article How to create a custom assessment for detailed information.




In the “Me” menu you will find another toolbar with the following options:




1) Overview: here you will find information about your study history in the form of graphics. On the right of this screen you have the option to edit your profile. Please see the article “How to edit your profile in your Learning Locker” for further information.

2) Settings: here you can manage your account and adjust the general settings.

3) Alerts and Announcements: click here to see MeasureUp Notifications.

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