Important product dates

When you purchase a product you will receive a Product Key in the order notification email sent after your completed purchase. This must be registered in your Learning Locker within 30 days of purchase. Please register your key within this time period. If you have any issues please contact the MeasureUp Customer Support Team. Please see the article “Registering a Measureup product key” for further information.


Once your key has been registered the product will appear in your Learning Locker.

By clicking on the “test details” button, as shown in the image, you can open the test detail box.







You will see two dates displayed at the bottom of the box: Registered and Valid Until dates.






1) Registered date: This is the date that the Product Key was registered. This is the first day of use of your product, so if you have purchased a Practice Test online the time of your product starts counting from this day.


2) Valid Until date: This is the date when your product will expire. As this date approaches the status of your product will change to “Expiring soon.” Once this date has passed the status of the product will be “Expired,” and the product will be unavailable to use unless you extend or upgrade it.


Please note that these dates do not apply to Download products no matter what the test cube states. You will always be able to download the product on a maximum of three computers. Please see the article “New platform download installation instructions” for further information about installing a download product.


If you have purchased a download product it is possible to have both the “Begin Test” and “Download” options. With a download purchase MeasureUp gives you the opportunity to test the online mode of that product for one month. (Excludes “Upgrade to Download” options after initial purchase) After this period the “Begin Test” option will be unavailable, and you only will be able to download the product.



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