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Download installation instructions

Please note with recent upgrades, an installation password is no longer necessary. You will only need your Product Key to complete the download installation. All download products are licensed for single user and can be downloaded on up to three different devices.


There are a few antivirus programs, for example Avast or Norton, that detect part of the obfuscated code as a malicious software. We have sent requests to have this updated. If you run into this issue please momentarily disable your antivirus to complete the download.


In order to complete the download you will need to have the product in your Learning Locker.

If you have not yet registered your Product Key please see the article “Registering a MeasureUp Product Key” for detailed information.


If you would like to upgrade one of your online products to the downloadable version you may do so in your Learning Locker by selecting Extend/Upgrade. Please see the article “How to extend and upgrade a product” for detailed information.







To download a product, please follow these steps:


1) Click on the product icon to open the options “Begin Test” and “Download”. To download the product to your computer, please click on "Download". Please note that clicking on "Begin test" opens the test online and will not download it to your computer.








2) You must read and consent to the License Agreement. You can access this Software License Agreement by clicking on “License Agreement” button.








To proceed you must check the consent box.





3) Select your operating system. You have three options: 

* Windows 32 & 64 bits

* Mac 32 & 64 bits

* Linux 32 bits


For further information about the system requirements, please look at the article “System requirements: Download practice tests”.


4) A ZIP file will begin to download to your computer and a README file will appear on your screen. Please read the text carefully.


5) Unzip the download file into a local folder and double-click on the README.txt file.

Installation instructions may vary slightly depending on the operating system, so it is very important to carefully read the README.txt file included with the download and follow these instructions.


6) After the process described in the README.txt file, you must enter the same username and password that you use to login into your Learning Locker.You need to have internet connection for the first launch. The next time you launch the application, you will be automatically logged on with this default user account information, and you will be able to run the product without an internet connection.




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