Benchmark Assessment.

A Benchmark Assessment gives you the option of customizing your learning package based on your existing knowledge and experience. This will optimize your study time by focusing just in the areas that you need to improve. Based on the results of your Benchmark assessment, the content of STEP 2. LEARN & PRACTICE & CREATE will display as “complete” those areas for which you demonstrated existing knowledgePlease, note that once you have finished the benchmark assessment, you will not be able to reverse the process.


In order to do the benchmark assessment, please follow the next steps:


1. Click Live in the App Benchmark:



2. A window will pop up asking for permission, click "Launch Application" or "OK" (depends of your browser):



3. Read and understand the information in the Test Information and Interface tutorial screens and click Next:





4. Click Begin test:


begin test.png


5. The app launches the practice in a new window divided into two sections. On the top it shows the app that should perform the task. On the bottom it shows the task and several options:



6. In the overview you will see an introduction to the task(s). Click the tab of a task to see the instructions:






 7. Perform the task and click on checkbox.png when you have finished it:




8. If you want to go to a different project click on the project tab you wish. A small window will pop up asking you to click on a task or overview tab in order to access that project:




9. Once you have finished, click Finish Test:




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