UI: Product info


You can view products in your Learning Locker as icons or in a list. To change your view click on the two buttons at the right of the main tool-bar.




Both views contain the same information:


1) Status: Here you can see if your product is Active (available for use); New (if the product has just been purchased); Expiring Soon (if the Valid Until date is approaching); or Expired (the Valid Until date has been reached and the product is not available for use). Please see the article “Important product dates” for further information.


Upgrade/ Extend: would you like more time to study or the option to study offline? Click here to purchase product upgrades and extensions. This only appears for Practice Tests Online, purchased directly from MeasureUp. Please see the article “How to extend and upgrade a product” for further information.


2) Name of the product: this shows the product title and the product code. For instance; 70-480 Microsoft Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3


3) Score: Now you can gauge how well you are doing with just a glance at your learning locker, by the colour of the product icon. This feature only works when you have finished a test in Certification Mode and it shows the average score so as you study the colour of the icon will change. 
Grey: No attempts have been made in Certification Mode.
Dark Red to Light Yellow: Keep studying. The average score of your attempts is less than a passing score. 
Light Green to Dark Green: Good job! The average score of your attempts is equal to or greater than the passing score. 

The colour gradient system will not show until your have completed a test in Certification mode. Therefore, it is important to wait to use Certification Mode until you feel fully prepared.



4) Test detail: If you are viewing your tests as icons you can open the test detail box by clicking on the dots in the product box, as shown in the next image:





If you are viewing your products as a list select the “see details” text, as shown here:





For each product the test details include:


* Name of the distributor.

* Product key. Please see the article “Registering a MeasureUp product key” for further information.

* Number of machines used (only for Download Practice Tests).

* Registered and Valid Until dates. See the article “Important product dates” for further information.

* Hide Test check box. You can temporarily hide each product to keep your Learning Locker from becoming cluttered. Please see the article “Hide and unhide products” for further information.




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