Online test score report


When you finish an online test you will see your Test Score Report. This score report is a summary of your results for this attempt. One Test Score Report is generated after every attempt.

The main screen of the Test Score Report has several features:


1) General information: The banner at the top of the page tells you what test you took, how much time you used, and your score. The color on top of the report will be green if you received a passing score and red if you did not.






2) Objectives: In the second portion of the report you will see a list of test objectives along with your performance for each. The color of the bar also indicates whether or not the objective was passed for failed.








3) Graph: The graph shows your overall progress for this test. If you hover your cursor over the graph you can view the information for each attempt, including the date and time, user score and average score.








4) At the bottom of the page you will see the Test Score Report toolbar.






The following options are available:


* Back to locker: This button will return you to the Learning Locker, and the Score Report will close. If you want to reopen the Test Score Report you may do so from your History. Please see the article “New UI: History” for further information.

* Question List: Here you can review the questions of the test you just took. You can list the questions by question number or by objective. Either option will show you the status of each question: Unanswered, Pass or Fail.









You can review each question by clicking on the question. A new screen will appear that shows the answer given and the option to show the correct answer and an explanation.  







To go back click on the “Back to Score” button.


* Comments: Send feedback directly to our Customer Support Team.







 * Print Report: Click this to create a PDF version of your Score Report, which may then be printed.


* Email Report: Use this feature to email your Summary Report. Enter the email address into the “Send results to” box, and you may also add an optional message.  








* Retake Test: Click this if you wish to start a new test from the beginning. Note that this action will cancel any paused instances of this test.





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