How to login


In this article we are going to see how to login in the MeasureUp website.


Note for Partner´s Users: some users have their own website to register and access to their Learning Locker, therefore they do not use the MeasureUp website in order to login. This platform is known as PLS (Partner Labeled Site) and provides a customized experience. Please see the article  PLS Users: how to create an account and login for detailed information.


If you have an account, please follow these steps to login in your Learning Locker using the MeasureUp website:


1) Go to the main page. Then, click on My Account.



2) Enter your username, typically this is your email address. Enter your password, if you click the “remember me” checkbox your password will be stored in your browser and the next time you visit our site, your password will automatically be entered in the password field. If you enter the site from another browser the password will not be available to you. Note that this feature is not recommended when using a public or multi-user computer.




3) Click on My Learning Locker






4) Your Learning Locker will display







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