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Using the Product

How to access your MOS 2016 eLearning or Practice Test.
In order to run your MOS2016 eLearning or Practice Test you need to install the ... more
Como acceder a su producto MOS2016
Para poder lanzar su test o eLearning MOS2016 necesitará instalar la desktop app... more
Managing the Dashboard.
On the main course page you will see the course title (e.g: 77-725|WORD 2016), t... more
eLearning Course Structure.
MOS2016 eLearning courses are organized by modules. Each module corresponds to a... more
Benchmark Assessment.
A Benchmark Assessment gives you the option of customizing your learning package... more
Studying the Course Content
To access and study the Course content, please perform the following steps: ... more
How Knowledge Based Learning works
You will find Knowledge based learning in two sections: Practice & Validate.· ... more
Live in the App
Live in the app is included in three sections: * Benchmark (STEP 1. BEN... more