How to extend and upgrade a product


If you want more time to use an online product that is “Expiring soon” or “Expired” you can either Extend or Upgrade the product. Please see the article "Important product dates" for detailed information. This only applies to online practice tests purchased from MeasureUp.

1) Extend the product: Add more time, extending the Valid Until date.


2) Upgrade the product: Convert an online product into a download product. Download tests never expire and may be used offline for the life of the product on your device.


How to extend or upgrade a product:


1) Click on “Upgrade/ Extend” You may do this when viewing your products as icons or as a list: 


2) The product page on the MeasureUp website will open in your browser. Click on the “ Mode Option” box and select the upgrade you would like to buy. You can extend your product one, five or ten days, or you can upgrade your product to a download.


3) Enter the quantity and click on “Add to cart”.


4) If you have finished, click on “Your cart” and then "Proceed to checkout"


5) Enter your payment details, click  “Update” and then click “Place Order Now



When your purchase has been finalized you will receive an Order Notification, which is sent to the email address your account is registered to. The Order Notification will contain your Product Key. The extended or upgraded product will not be available in your Learning Locker until this key has been registered. The extension will count from the moment the key is registered if the product has already expired, or from the expiry date if the product is about to expire. Please see the article “Registering a MeasureUp product key” for further information.


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