UI: History


With the new Learning Locker user interface (UI) you can manage your Practice Test Score Report. This function is available for online test attempts automatically, for Score Reports from a download (offline) test. Please see the article How to upload a score report from a download test for detailed information.


To know how a Test Score Report works, please see the article "Online test score report" for detailed information.


Let´s take a look at how to view the Test Score Reports in your Learning Locker:


1) Click on the “Tests” button at the top of the page, and then click on the “History” button in the tool-bar.







2) On the History page you can view your Practice Test Score Reports, the reports are grouped by product, and the test attempts are sorted by date and time. You can also search the reports by using the search tool-bar at the top.





Each report contains the following information:


* Date and time of the test attempt

* Score

* Number of questions answered/number of questions unanswered.

* Mode of the test: Certification mode, Study mode or Custom mode.



3) To open a score report click on the “Open Score Report” button. Please note that this option is not available for custom assessments.







4) The Practice Test Score Report shows the summary your results for an attempt, you can also review the questions. Please see the article “Online test score report” for detailed information.






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