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Practice Lab FAQs and Tips

Practice Lab FAQs and Tips
After you place your order for a Practice Lab product on MeasureUp.com, please add the email address info@measureup.com to your safe sender list. You will receive a separate email with your key, which you then enter in the Learning Locker to access the lab.
Need additional help?
For Practice Lab login credentials, online access and technical support, please email support@practice-labs.com. For customer service and order processing questions regarding your Practice Lab order from MeasureUp, please contact support.
How soon after I purchase the Practice Lab will I receive my key? Will it appear in My Learning Locker?
You will receive your key via email within minutes of placing your order. Please add the email address info@measureup.com to your safe sender list. The key will not automatically be registered. You will need to log into your MeasureUp account and manually register it. Once the key is registered you will have access to the product.
How long can I use the Practice Lab and on how many devices?
Your practice lab is available for one year after registration. You can access the labs as many times as you like during the subscription period. This gives you the opportunity to practice the more complex topics as many times as you need. You can access the labs from as many computers/devices as you like as long as you are only logged in at one at a time.
I can connect to the devices, but my Microsoft Windows devices seem to be really slow.
If you are using the HTML5 RDP client, this is slower than the Java client. Switch to the Java client (you must have the latest version of Java installed for your platform (you can download this at: www.java.com).
I can't connect to the lab devices, I get a black screen or a white screen with undefined in the corner.
Ensure you are running the latest version of Java which can be downloaded at www.java.com.
I am receiving a message saying there are no labs available or they are under maintenance.
Occasionally all the labs of a particular course may be busy or being upgraded. Remember this is real equipment and not simulations so we only have a finite number of labs for a specific course type. You can enter your email address to be alerted when a lab is free or you can try again at a later time.
I login to the labs and power on a device, click connect, but nothing happens.
Please ensure you have popups enabled from *.practice-labs.com. Popups are required to launch access to devices. If you do not allow popups then your browser will block popups from being launched. Often if popups are blocked, you will notice a message saying "This lab is being shut down due to no activity". This is due to a popup window not being open and communicating to the lab platform so please ensure popups are allowed. See your browser’s documentation on how to enable popups.
I enabled popups in my browser, but it's still not working.
If you have a browser toolbar installed such as Google or Yahoo, or have an anti-virus solution installed that has popup blocker capabilities, the popup blocker functionality will need to have an exception enabled to allow *.practice-labs.com to be able to open popup windows.
When I connect to a Cisco router or Switch I get a grey screen, but nothing happens.
When you connect to a Cisco device, if the device automatically powers on you will need to click in the grey area of the terminal and press the return or enter key to liven the terminal connection.
What browsers are supported? I get an error with Chrome.
We support the following browsers:
– Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 & 10 including Metro Mode (note: older versions of Internet Explorer will not perform as fast as IE 10)
– Mozilla Firefox 20+
– Apple Safari 5+
– Opera 12+
– Google Chrome 19+
Due to the technical differences between these browsers, some do have known issues. For example Chrome has some problems with SSL connections generating a No data received, server sent no data error which requires a work-around to access the labs. Please see our Practice Labs User Guide for more information.
I can't carry out one of the tasks in the lab.
Please ensure you read each step very carefully when carrying out tasks; remember the devices are real so changes you make may impact another task later.  By not completing one task you may not be able to complete the next as there is a dependency. You should also refer back to your course content to ensure you understand that task that you are carrying out. If you feel there is an error in the content, please send an email to support@practice-labs.com and we will review the issue.
Can I save my work?
Currently you are unable to save your work as each lab is designed to be autonomous from another therefore saving is normally unnecessary.
I don't have the correct courses or I don't have any courses.
Please email support@measureup.com and we will investigate what is wrong with your account.
I still need help. Are there more detailed instructions?
There is a Practice Labs User Guide available. Download here.




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