Using a Flex Key


A Flex Key is a type of product key that allows you to select one product from a list of products based on a predetermined vendor or a group of vendors. In order to use your product, you must first register the Flex Key in your Learning Locker and then make a selection. Let´s see how it works.

Your Product Key is included in the order notification you receive after a purchase has been made, and often a Flex Key is provided by a teacher or manager. To learn how to register your product key please see the article Registering a MeasureUp Product Key.

Once the Flex Key has been registered it will be available in your Learning Locker and identified as a FlexKey. You can see it in the icon view and also in the list view. In this example, the product name is “Flex Key: All Cisco Exams.”





Go to the icon view and click on the product icon. You will see a box that says “Choose your test”. Click on this to select which test you want to add to your Learning Locker. This selection is final. Once you have chosen a test your Flex Key Product will convert to the product you have selected, and no changes can be made.




When you click on “Choose your test” a new window will open that shows the list of products available with this Flex Key, all of them belonging to the same vendor company or a determined group of vendors. In this case three Cisco products are available from the same vendor company.




Choose the product you want and click on “Finish” to proceed. Once you have selected your product the test will appear in your Learning Locker. Note that the product icon has changed to Cisco (100-105) Practice Test Online.




You can launch your test by clicking on the product icon and then, on the “Begin test” button. Please see the article How to launch an online test for detailed information.




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