How to try a free demo Lab


Practice Labs give you the opportunity to develop practical hands-on skills and access real live equipment, in a safe test environment. We are very happy to provide you with a FREE Practice Lab Demo when you purchase any MeasureUp practice test from


With each purchase of a MeasureUp practice test from, you will be able to choose a free Practice Lab Demo that gives you 90 minutes of practice time and will be available for up to two weeks from the date you starting using the demo. The countdown will start as soon as you launch the demo and you can start and stop as many times as you need during two weeks or until you reach 90 minute allowance.


After you make a practice test purchase, here’s how to start using your free Practice Lab Demo:


1) Once you register your practice test  purchased in MeasureUp, a new cube containing the Practice Lab Demo will appear in your Learning Locker.  

free demo new.png

free demo cube.png


2) When you click on the Practice Lab Demo cube, you will have two options: Launch or Buy. Click on Launch to begin using your free Practice Lab Demo.


free demo options.png


3) From the new window containing all Practice Lab Demos available, please select which Practice Lab Demo makes the most sense for your certification practice. Choose carefully as you can only do this action once per each practice test purchase.


4) Once you click Launch, the 90 minutes begin to count down. Please only click Launch when you are ready to start using the free Practice Lab demo.


free demo choice.png


5) Once you starting using your free Practice Lab Demo, you can use it all at once or logout of your Practice Lab Demo and launch it again later. You can start and stop your demo until the 90 minutes are used or until two weeks from your launch date.

free demo logout.png


free demo welcome back.png


Remember: your free Practice Lab Demo will end when you have used it for 90 minutes or two weeks after you starting using it. Then your Practice Lab Demo cube will only show the option Buy.

Note: A free Practice Lab Demo "reset" occurs each time a user registers a product key for a new practice test. Any previous free Practice Lab Demo selected will be replaced with an opportunity to select a new Practice Lab Demo.


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