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Learnmos Cloud Practice Tests Guide

How to launch the test

Once you have registered the key, return to the tests view by clicking the “Practice Tests” button on the delivery toolbar. Click the practice test title and then click “Begin Test”.

The following screen will be displayed. Wait until your session has been loaded. This process will take 2 minutes.

Select the test mode.


Difference between certification and practice mode:
Certification mode: tests administered in Certification Mode closely simulate the actual testing environment users will encounter when taking a certification exam. They are timed and do not allow users to request the explanations to the tasks until after the test.

Practice mode allows users to customize their testing environment. You may select how many questions you want to include, which objectives and see the explanation to the tasks in a video.

If you select Practice Mode, you will need to select the options to specify how you want the test administered.

 You will be asked which forms you want to include. Each form simulates the question included in an exam. This means that one form includes 35 questions, distributed in 7 projects with 5 questions each, so if you select two form you will get 70 questions in 14 projects.


Once you have selected the options, you will see the test information. To continue, click “Start”.


Make sure you read and understand the information in the Test Information and Interface tutorial screens.


 Click “Next”, until you reach the last question.  Click “Begin Test”.


How to use the test

The app launches the practice in a new window divided into two sections:

 On the top: it shows the app that should perform the task.

 On the bottom: it shows the task and several options.


Tasks are organized in projects. Click on the tab of a project to access the tasks, and then “Next” to view the instructions for the first task, once finished click "Evaluate task".  When the project is finished click "Evaluate Project"

To change tasks, click “Next” or another tab on a different task or project.

Note: If you want to enter fullscreen mode use the icon at the top left of the screen

  1. The remaining time indicates the time you have left of 25 hours (or 50 of 75 depending on the number of tests you have purchased).
  2. Click the video icon to see the steps you should follow to perform the task (only available in Practice Mode).
  3. Click “Restart Projectto clear all the tasks you have done in that project.
  4. If you want to review the question later, before completing the test, click on the Start icon.
  5. You can change the view mode by using the right panel.
  6. If you want to pause the test click on the grid at the bottom left of the page and then "Pause"

Once you have completed all the projects, click "Finish Test" (important note: If you close the window instead of clicking finish the score will not be saved). A test score report will be displayed.