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Managing the Dashboard.

On the main course page you will see the course title (e.g: 77-725|WORD 2016), the different modules and several links and icons.You can access the dashboard by clicking on "dashboard":


This page will display the list of the courses you have registered (course overview), you may access any of them by clicking on their respective titles.


You can also track your grades. Your grades will be tracked in the course gradebook under the Administration section. This grade report shows the scores for each module and assignment that has been completed throughout the course. To track your grades, perform the following steps:  

1. Click the clogwheel:


2. If necessary, click Show Administration Block, then click on grades:


3. In the front page, you can see your grades:

4. If you select “overview report” in the dropdown menu you will see all the grades from all the registered courses:


5. To return the Module index course, click the course name:


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