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How to access your Cert Toolkit

To access your Cert Toolkit, log in to your MeasureUp Learning Locker with the user name and password you used to purchase the product. 

Your Cert Toolkit will be listed in your Learning Locker along with a link to our partner, where you will log in with the following:

User Name: The Email Address on the MeasureUp account you used to purchase the product. You will have received your purchase receipt at this email address. Should you stop using that email address you will still need to use it to log in to your Cert Toolkit.

Password: Your MeasureUp Password

Please Note: From within our Cert Toolkit partner's interface, you will have the opportunity to change your email address and password. If you should choose to make any changes, MeasureUp will not be notified. Please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance in obtaining that information from our Cert Toolkit partner.

Your road to certification using the Cert Toolkit is easy:

1)  After logging in, access Exam COACH so your Mentor will be available when you need them throughout the process.

2)  Then use the Microsoft Official E-Learning to study and learn the material covered on the exam.

3)  Use your MeasureUp Practice Test in Study Mode to test your knowledge of the exam objectives. Your Score Report will pinpoint areas that need additional study. When you are ready, use the MeasureUp Practice Test in Certification Mode to experience the timed exam day conditions.


How long can I access the different components within the Cert Toolkit?

– E-LEARNING: The student has access to the e-learning for 365 days – counting from the first time of activation. 
EXAM QUIZ: There is access for 90 days from first activation. 
ONLINE MENTOR: There is access to the mentor for 90 days, from first activation. 
EXAM SIMULATION: The student has access to the exam simulation product for 60 days, from first activation. 


Need additional help? For technical support, email support@certkit.com. For other questions, contact our Customer Support Team.