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How to create a custom assessment

The new user interface (UI) now features the ability to highly customize your study time. Now you can create your own assessment using a mix of different tests with the ab ility to change the passing score, time limit, and more. This feature is called “Create Custom Assessment.” Creating an assessment is quick and easy. Custom Assessments only work from Practice Tests Online products, so you will not able to create a Custom Assessment from downloadable products. Just follow these step-by-step instructions: 


1) Login to your Learning Locker. Please see the article How to login” for detailed information.


2) On your Learning Locker toolbar click “Create Custom Assessment.”






3) Step one: Enter the Assessment Name, the Passing Score (%) and the duration of your test.


Choose the Category based on the vendor family you would like to practice with. You can only create mixed tests within the same vendor family.


Click “Next.”






4) Step two: You will see the products that you have within the vendor family you have chosen. You may select up to three of these practice tests to create your assessment.


Select a test that you would like to include by clicking the checkbox. Then, select which objectives from that test you would like to add. As you do this you will see the number of questions increase.


Once you have selected all of the tests and objectives that you would like to include in your assessment you can set the number of questions you want to review. This can range from 10 to 200. Questions will be selected from the tests and objectives you have chosen.


Click on “Next” button to go to the final step.






5) Step Three: You will see a summary of the customization options you have chosen. Click “Done” to finish creating your assessment.







6) Finally, the Assessment has been created. Click "Done" to finish the process.







7) Go back to your Learning Locker and you will see a new, dark grey product. The status will say “new,” and you will see the name that you chose for the customized assessment you just created.








8) Click “Test details” to see information about this custom assessment. Please see the article “New UI: Product info” for detailed information.








The “products related” section shows the products that you selected for the assessment. The “valid until” date shows the expiration date of the test that will expire first. Please see the article "Important product dates" for detailed information.


If you want to delete the custom assessment click on Delete Test in the Test Details box.


To launch your custom assessment click the product icon and select Begin Test. Please see the article “How to launch an online testfor detailed information.



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