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How to launch an online test

To launch an online test it must be registered in your Learning Locker. Please see the article “Registering a MeasureUp product key” for further information.


You can launch both an online test and an offline test (download product) if the “Begin Test” button is active. For downloaded products this button is available for a month after the purchase date. Please see the article “Important product dates” for further information.


1) Click the product icon


2) The Begin Test button will appear. If this button is not available then an online product may be expired or if it is a downloaded product it's been over a month since the product key was registered. Please see the article “How to extend and upgrade a productfor detailed information.





3) Click on “Begin test” and the test will open.


Please look at the article “Basic online test tutorial” for further information about test operations.




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