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Basic online test tutorial

The MeasureUp platform gives users even more study options than before. As always, we offer practice tests with a wide variety of questions, answers, robust remediation and simulations to help you study for your desktop, IT pro and developer certifications.


Each practice test provides both the test-taker and the instructor with instant feedback on the test-taker´s progress on specific objectives, areas that require further study, and overall exam readiness. MeasureUp’s comprehensive reports allow instructors to easily track both individual and group progress along the way.


We offer two specific test-taking modes to prepare students for their certification: Certification and Practice Mode


Here is an overview of how a test works:


The first screen of the test allows you to choose from two different testing modes.


fisrt screen.jpg


1) Certification mode: Tests administered in Certification Mode closely simulate the actual testing environment you will encounter when taking a certification exam. They are timed and do not allow users to request the answers and/or explanations to questions until after the test.


certification mode.jpg


2) Practice mode allows you to highly customize their testing environment. On the first screen you may select how many questions you want to include in their assessment, the maximum time to finish the test and the possibility to randomize the question order.



test options.jpg


The second screen allows you to show the questions that were answered incorrectly from recent tests as well as the questions that have not been displayed previously. You can also choose to avoid complex questions and simulation questions. Finally, you can specify which objectives will be included in their test and allow yourself to change the answers before scoring the test.


advance options.jpg


Independently the testing mode selected, a brief summary will appear:





When you launch a test you will see the following screen that explains the testing environment. Please, read this information carefully.


1) Test information: An overview of the product information, number of questions, type of questions and score needed to pass.




2) Test interface: Display of controls that are available during the test. These options allow you to manage the functionality of the test.




3) Question List and Test Final Report: When you finish the test a final report will open and allow you to review the question list. This screen explains the answer icons.





Let´s take a closer look at the test´s controls and features.


1) Top toolbar:

  • Reset: Current question will be reset to its original state.  
  • Options: Modify the testing options. Here you may turn “Show answer” on or off. This option can be changed whenever you want during the test. If you enable “Show Answer” the button will appear next to the Option button. Clicking on “Show Answer” will reveal the answer and explanation of the current question.
  • Undo: This appears in a question with multiple steps and allows you to undo the previous action.  






2) Question field: The question is shown in this field. If you select “Show Answer” you may scroll down to the explanation.








3) Bottom toolbar: This toolbar allows you to navigate between questions and to access the test menu. Let´s take a look at these features from left to right:





Control button:

  • Change the size of the text.
  • Tutorial: vew the tutorial that appears at the very beginning of the test.
  • Feedback: send your comments to our Customer Support Team.
  • Exit: directly exit the test without recording your progress.
  • Pause: stop your test, but when you open the test again it will begin where you paused it.
  • Finish Test: end your test and generate your score report.




  •   In the middle of the toolbar you will see the Previous, Next and Star buttons. Previous and Next allow you to go from one question to another. By clicking on the star button the question is marked for review.
  • At the bottom right of the toolbar will see a clock and the question number buttons. The clock shows you the time you have left to finish the test. The question number button allows you to select what question number you want to go to. To go to a specific question you may type the number in the box and press enter. By clicking on the total number of questions you will see the review questions page. Under Status you can see which questions are answered, unanswered, and marked for review. You may enter any question from this screen by clicking on it.





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